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Designed for Medical and Recreational Dispensaries

BudMate POS offers simple to use and helpful functions all in a simple to use software.  Our teams effort was driven to optimize your day to day operation with simplicity and reliability in mind.

Key Features

Local Server

 BudMate POS operates on Standard Microsoft SQL Server Express. Your operation will be dependable, fast and free from internet connection problems.

Employee Login

Each employee will have a separate login, to access and operate the specific functions that are assigned to them and by restricting each employee not being allowed to access the certain parts of the program. 

Patient Verification

Automatically and electronically upload Patient Driver’s License, Recommendation, Waiver forms. All necessary required information can now be viewed and accessed instantly. No need for extra and lengthy processes and efforts. 

Print Barcode Labels

BudMate allows you to easily print out required barcode labels for all of your products, in order to process sales, and to track the entire inventory. The easy to read barcode labels will help you to find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

Doctor Management

Setting up the list of doctors that your patients are referred from

BudMate POS allows you to keep track of each doctor’s necessary and required information. Each doctor is also linked with the relevant verification website, in order to identify any fake prescriptions.

Vendor Management

  BudMate understand the nature of Medical Marijuana Dispensarys and the complex nature of vendors in the industry. BudMate will keep track of your vendors purchases and what you have bought from each vendor. The comprehensive reports can be generated with the valuable purchase history data.

Text Messaging

Be able to easily reach all of your patients and notify them of upcoming specials, products, fresh batches or any other type of information they would like to receive. Patients who sign up for this service by giving their phone number and mobile provider will receive text message      notifications sent by the dispensary.

Pricing and Invoicing

BudMate allows you to set individual discount levels for the items that are sold in greater volumes to a special customer. This allows you to have a firm pricing structure that employees can always refer to. BudMate Invoice processing will be fast and will improve the patient experience much more efficiently than ever before.

Inventory Management

BudMate Inventory Management option allows you to distribute and move your products between various locations. You will easily be able to cycle through items, create price tables, as well as set aside inventory, by using the POS system.

Sales Screen

BudMate offers a fast, easy to use, simple interface when it comes to selling your product. Employees will be able to find items by using search options, visually selecting items, or using a barcode scanner or label to complete the orders.

Accurate Reporting

Our comprehensive and accurate repots will help you to keep track of your inventory, daily patient sales, patient demographics, various vendor information and more.


Using customer notes and easily viewing purchasing history you can drive up sales by giving budtenders all the tools needed to enhance cusomter experience.

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